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Made it to Kauai with my kitty after 2 years of planning : )

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  • Made it to Kauai with my kitty after 2 years of planning : )

    Aloha everyone,

    I posted my story of moving to Hawaii (Kauai) at, but I thought I should provide a link to it here also, as has also been very helpful in facilitating my move. It's long, but hopefully it will be helpful in some way to some of you wonderful HawaiiThreads people. Mahalo, and happy Hawaii dreams and Hawaii living to all of you!

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    Re: Made it to Kauai with my kitty after 2 years of planning : )

    Right on, TropicalBreeze! Good work. Commitment, attitude(good), and persistence get's the job done. All of our lives are different though we all experience challenges, especially to our dreams. That's what makes it so much sweeter when they become reality. I'm happy for you. All the Bestest!
    Life is either an adventure... or you're not doing it right!!!


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      Re: Made it to Kauai with my kitty after 2 years of planning : )

      Welcome to the Garden Isle! E komo mai!

      What a terrific attitude you have! It is really nice of you to share your experiences. Moving can be very intimidating. It is probably good that you see some of our more extreme conditions so that you will know what can happen here. I think the information will be helpful when picking your living place and your mode of transportation.

      It seems like you are being socially accepted. I think the people here are really, really warm and good hearted. You will love them.



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        Re: Made it to Kauai with my kitty after 2 years of planning : )

        Thank you so much for your positive feedback, AlohaTim and Menehune Man. I really appreciate your support.

        I remember a friend of mine complimenting me on the phone while I was going through the worst of my moving time soon after getting here. She commented on what a positive attitude I had, and I said it was the only thing I could control, so I might as well have it be as positive as possible! (Especially seeing as almost everything else seemed to be going wrong, and was OUT of my control - like the seemingly never ending amounts of rain!)

        Yes, I have found that on the whole the people of Kauai are very kind and helpful. I am lucky to be here - no matter what the weather may be!

        My aloha best to both of you also!


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          Re: Made it to Kauai with my kitty after 2 years of planning : )


          Welcome to the beautiful 'aina here on Kaua'i -- I too made the trip here from the mainland about 11 years ago and I can tell you that I wouldn't move back there for the world -- in fact, I haven't even visited for about 6 years and don't miss it a bit!

          You did move here at a time that was particularly bad -- the tremendous rainfall that we had and the Ka Loko dam bursting (which resulted in the loss of 7 people) was a very bad start to our year -- I can only imagine what adding the stress of moving and temporary living would be like! It was bad enough just gettting around! Your living situation sounds really difficult to put it mildly! I'm glad that you are settled someplace safe now.

          I'm glad your kitty also made it safe and sound -- I moved here with an older cat at a time when I had to leave her on O'ahu in quarantine at Halawa for 30 days -- and that was incredibly difficult -- more on me than the cat! She made it out fine and lived here happily until she passed away last year at the age of 20. I adopted a rescue cat from our Humane Society last year and named her Mochi -- she is a local girl and very spoiled!

          Some things that I would suggest to make your transition easier (just from my personal experience ) is to become active in some organization/club/activity. We visited here for 15 years before we moved here, were involved in a couple of organizations, and had many friends that we consided ohana on the island by the time we moved here. My husband is a runner, and we are involved in our (limited) running scene here -- I dance hula, and we are both very involved in the hula halau that I belong to.

          This is a time of huge change for Kaua'i. I have seen more development and changes in the last 2 years than in the last 10! The number of "gated" communities and "trophy homes" in our area particularly (Koloa/Po'ipu) is starting to change the complexion (no pun intended?!) of our area and our island to an alarming degree. Humvees and other trophy cars which were unheard of just a few years ago are all over the roads, home prices (I know we're not alone here!) average about $600,000 for an average older tract home. The only reason we can afford to live here is because we purchased our home about 15 years ago. Okay, no more negatives I promise! But please no More Starbucks!!

          And our chickens! I personally love them -- they don't bother me, and they remind me that Kaua'i used to be a rural area of open spaces -- I'm lucky that I can sleep through their crowing, 'cause some people really get riled about them -- but they are a fact of life here.

          I wish you the best of luck....this is a wonderful place and although I'm haole I have never felt any personal problems because of it -- a lot of people bring either a "mainland attitude" or "chip on their shoulder" with them and I think that they are the ones who have trouble. People are people - if you are nice to them, they are nice to you. Maybe that is simplifying it, but that is what I personally have found to be true.

          Malama Pono,