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please help - where to stay, where to go ?

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  • please help - where to stay, where to go ?

    Hey all,

    Were going to Maui/ Hawaii on Dec 24th for 10days, there are 5-6 of us going we want to rent a house or condo. would like to keep the price to under $450 a day for the place (if possible) we saw some place for around 300 that looked pretty good, are places at those low prices as nice as they say?

    We want to be near night life, plenty of things to do durring the day, helicoptor, jetskis, tours, boats, beach life, shopping, possibly a pool, golfing, massage, also want to stay near other people and walking distance to some great stuff to do. you know basicly have a great time and try to sqeeze in whatever we can. love to party at night and want to be near some great night life, luau's, clubs whatever is cool n happnin' - you tell me...

    So please reply and let us know where you think we will be able to fufill most of these wishes if not all - should we stay on Hawaii or Maui ? and if you have any recomendations for places to stay, and if you know of any things we shouldnt miss.

    thanks alot,


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    Re: please help - where to stay, where to go ?

    jbr, it sounds like Maui would definitely be more to your taste than Hawai'i. But if you really want more night life, more tourist activities, and more amenities, have you considered O'ahu instead? Waikīkī has everything you're looking for, and the scenery here is pretty good too.


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      Re: please help - where to stay, where to go ?

      We have considered O'ahu
      - but just hear that it is more city like than Maui

      - and we do still want to do all the things we can but also want incredible sites, views, waterfalls etc...

      thats why we were thinking Hawaii - from my understanding Hawaii would be great for that ...but so is Maui + more things to do

      ...thats what ive been told anyway's - thats why im trying to get some info from you guys ....the pro's

      If im incorrect please let me know....

      we plan on making a day trip to O'ahu - I really want to see Pearl Harbor.

      any info would be great....
      thanks for getting back to me


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        Re: please help - where to stay, where to go ?

        In reverse order of the level of nightlife and round-the-clock energy, I'd say O`ahu (Waikiki), Maui, and Hawaii (Kailua Kona).

        Avoiding O`ahu is not an uncommon strategy these days (folks want the "real," non-urban Hawaii), but there are ameneties and attractions in Honolulu that you can't get on the other islands. More importantly, the range of stuff is broader. Sure, you can get your hot, hip-hop nightclub, your high-end and big-bulk shopping, but you can also get your rainforest hike, your art gallery tour, your parasail outing, and your spa visit too. And definitely, you're more likely to find things within walking -- and notably within bus ride -- distance in Honolulu. (Transportation on the other islands will almost certainly require a rental car.) Honolulu has the vast majority of historic sites - at least the well documented, easily accessible ones - from Pearl Harbor to `Iolani Palace. You can rock out in Waikiki or chill out in Kailua or stroll through Haleiwa...

        Maui, I guess, is a happy medium, since it's not as developed as Honolulu, but definitely is becoming the "happening" place to be, favored these days by the Hollywood stars and insanely rich. The downside is, to get a lot of the things you imagine or see on TV, you'll have to pay. When you're talking resort-level activities and amenities, I'd wager the prices could be higher, or at least the same, as what you'd get in Waikiki. Maui certainly has a good share of "unspoiled beauty," from Haleakala to beaches and gorgeous mountains.

        The Big Island is your best bet for the "nature" element, and probably for price, too. It's my favorite island, but I will say straight up, if you're into partying all night and doing stuff all day (like your average Carnival Cruise Line "Lust for Life" commercial)... Hawaii will bore you to tears. It's the place to be, of course, if you like doing nothing in particular.


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          Re: please help - where to stay, where to go ?

          hey thanks for the reply - some good info...

          Such a hard decision, want to go to them all... think everyone over here is thinking Maui - so it looks like Maui is the winner, but a day trip or two to another island or so.

          this doesnt mean that you guys have to stop posting here I will appreciate all information I can get - recomendations of condos, things not to miss, party spots, etc...

          thanks again



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            Re: please help - where to stay, where to go ?

            It might help if you mentioned things you don't like doing. What kinds of things are you not interested in?


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              Re: please help - where to stay, where to go ?

              lets see tough one - we are pretty much up for anything cool...

              we like to relax at the beach with some cocktails - and to go out and do things all day long as well - Would like to do some tours - weather it be a bus tour / helicopter / horses / if we rent our own car and just want to drive somewhere cool, where is the place to go etc... shopping, dinner cruise, morning sunrise...

              we are up for anything - things we dont like are a tough call
              - uhmm, cross stitching, bungie jumping, skydiving, ( i hate hieghts =( )
              bla bla bla - i think you get the idea...

              Were looking for anything cool and fun we do also wanna relax + im sure i'll be hung over a few days and just wanna chill on the beach. if im being a pain in the ass or just asking foolish questions - sorry

              thanks -