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So I'm freakin' out...

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  • So I'm freakin' out...

    I'm real quiet on these boards... but I like to think someone might befriend me so here goes...

    My gf and I are moving to Oahu in 13 days. I think the stress is getting to me cuz my eye has been twitching and I can't sleep. My gf says to relax and that everything will be cool, but my head just breaks the whole situation down over and over. So, that being said, I was wondering if I could throw my situation to this board and hopefully get a response... (Note: There have been many previous threads that I have read and got some great advice and I'm very thankful )

    Via my gf, her uncle said we could stay with them for a couple of months, but we haven't really gone over the "specifics" he just said "Get here already". So I can't decide if it's the haole in me freakin out, or if I should not worry cuz its a "family thing" where everyone will always take care of eachother(which I'm ALWAYS down for lovin' everybody). He did make a reference to her that "don't worry, you have LOTS of family here". Any thoughts?

    Being young adults, neither my gf or I have any credit history(apart from her student loan). This would be our first apartment. We've been trying to get Hawaii's rental codes and information about housing, but the website "no longer exists". Does anybody know any info? We have several resources for finding housing, but whenever I try to contact realtors, and explain our situation, I get no response. I'm stressin' because I don't think we have a chance against more "established" citizens. Am I wrong?

    Used car vs. TheBus? We have found some good deals on used cars, but I'm sure we would first live in the city(maybe a little cheaper?). Certainly this raises prices on parking. In addition to that, a used car would require safety inspections and I'm worried I might not be able to get some types of cars serviced. Add the gas prices, and TheBus sounds pretty solid! Our plan is to get annual bus passes. Plus I'm down for being healthy and all that(I skate longboard and bike a lot) so maybe I can bike too, I saw the plans for the expansion of the biking system... looks cool. I like TheBus, it's the best trans-service I have ever used.

    If anyone has any advice or personal experience, I would appreciate it very much. It would soothe my soul.

    I swear I'm not a hippy.

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    Re: So I'm freakin' out...

    As we say in the island..."No worry beef curry"

    At least you have an immediate roof over your head.

    I have always been told that if the prices of housing ever got so high that I couldn't afford it... we could always live with one of my Wifes Relatives...

    I told her no way! I'll get a second, third and weekend job if I have to!

    But it is nice to know that the option is there to fall back onto.

    TheBus here in Hawaii is probably one of the better ones in the nations.

    We addressed the high cost of parking here.

    What part of the island your wifes family lives on will probably impact your decision as to bike/skateboard or bus/car.

    Get some sleep before you move over here...

    P.S. I see your from Tulsa OKlahoma... Know any "Mayers" family members...?

    If so... PM me!


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      Re: So I'm freakin' out...

      Oh and welcome to HT...

      I'm glad I've got a fellow freak to freak out with!


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        Re: So I'm freakin' out...

        I got Manerva for Sale.

        Cheap to Good and Loving People. PM me.

        Auntie Lynn
        Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
        Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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          Re: So I'm freakin' out...

          Happy Birthday dude....

          So what you here on Oahu?

          Give us the scoops?

          You have a new nickname??? etc?


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            Re: So I'm freakin' out...

            Hey Freaked,

            Its Kaya T. Here, born and raised in Hawaii..and amazingly STILL here, wit' the cost of living and all...My sis moved to Oklahoma she's in Wagoner...ever heard of it? If you blink you're gonna miss the whole dang town...hee,hee,hee. She moved cuz of cost..wimp! I call her. LOL

            anyway nice meeting you, and no worriez like Manoa said, cuz no mattah how bad it gets you can always pitch a tent on Makaha Beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset every evenning.

            nah, jus joke!

            E komo mai & a hui hou,

            KaYa T.


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              Re: So I'm freakin' out...

              I don't really have anything good to contribue.

              I didn't get any sleep for about six weeks before moving here. Two weeks before moving I gave up and went to my doctor to get an anxiety prescription to shut my brain up at night. It was non-stop with what-ifs and worries and all that other junk.

              Don't worry about safety inspections. I was semi-spazzo over it with my 6 y/o car, but after getting the check-off inspection paper thing, it's just basic stuff like lights and mirrors and such.

              Seriously get some sleep, though. Depending on where you're flying out of on the west coast and who you're flying through, you could get stuck with the old plane that I got stuck on with no padding left in the seats. I think I lasted an hour before my butt went numb and I didn't get a bit of sleep...totally wiped out by the time I got "home."
              ~ Sarah