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Overwhelmed with Moving...any Suggestions?

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    Re: Overwhelmed with Moving...any Suggestions?

    First Hawiian Bank, okay, I will look for the web site, and thanks I'll need to have available funds there when I arrive. I learn such great things on here, just love this site! I've been reading a lot on HT, and appreciate the good info I've gotten. If this is a reflection of people I will meet in Hawaii, I am grateful for them!

    Yes, I've also read some hostile comments about outsiders, but I have a deep understanding of going to someone else's town, and learning to adapt to it, NOT the other way around!

    Here's a funny story: when I moved to Arizona from Detroit (talk about culture shock, lol!) I had NO idea that the hard water my friend laughed at me when I had .

    I happily adapted to Arizona, and watched folks from "back east" try to push their "ways" on rude and presumptuous that you 'all know a "better" way! Same here in Las Vegas...a newbie can be spotted a mile away, and locals will react depending on how one presents onself. I do believe it's universal, and probably more so in Hawaii.