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Moving to Hawaii! Roommates?

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  • Moving to Hawaii! Roommates?


    I am planning to move to Hawaii soon. For a year or two to try it out. I am 25, male, working professional. I can work from the phone which is allowing for this move.

    I really want to live on the water. I have not chosen an island yet, I am really looking to see and HEAR the ocean (I love that sound at nights).

    I am finding that your options are much more open if you get a two bedroom rather than a single. It is much more affordable and the locations appear to be much better.

    If anyone is interested in finding a place together, or you know of someone who is laidback and drama free, please let me know!

    I have also read a few horror stories, or negative posts. Can I ask questions here on the same post as I go?

    Thanks everyone.


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    Re: Moving to Hawaii! Roommates?

    Welcome to HT. I am sure someone will come along that can assist you.

    Enjoy your stay here.


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      Re: Moving to Hawaii! Roommates?

      I've got a room in a sweet 3-bedroom house on Pacific Heights just out of downtown. Not far from the beach (too far to hear it, though) and it has a killer view. If you seem like a good fit and have the rent and deposit, it's yours. PM me for more info.
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        Re: Moving to Hawaii! Roommates?

        dang jdub... that''s a very Aloha like thing to do...right on dude!

        Wish you were available about 10 years ago when I was in college!