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    My wife and I (no kids) are planning on moving back to Hawaii next September after having spent 5 long years in California. I will be retiring from the military, and will have 3 months of paid leave and a decent pension to get us started until we can find jobs. My wife is bilingual English/Japanese, so I will be relying on her income at first. Our plan is to sell our house in San Diego, and using the equity, buy a home for cash in Waianae or Makaha, or apply a substantial down payment to a home in another location. I realize that there are places to retire with much lower costs of living, but I spent 12 years of my career in Hawaii, 7 years in California, 1 year in Japan, and 3 years in Illinois. Hawaii is by far where my heart is, and I don't want to start over in an unfamiliar place. California is nice, but my mortgage and property taxes are killing me and the only way to cash in on my equity is to sell and move. I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad on our plans. Here is a list of nagging questions I have that can only be answered by folks already living there.

    1. How accomodating are the neighborhoods of Waianae and Makaha to newcomers from the mainland (we are looking at a place in Lualualei)?

    2. How much is regular gasoline going for now on base?

    3. Does Barber's Point still have any facilities open (mini-mart, exchange?)

    4. What are utility prices like? Water? Trash? Electric? Sewer?

    Your opinions are appreciated! Mark

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    Re: move to hawaii

    Aloha Mark! I can't help with most of your specific questions, except:

    What are utility prices like? Water? Trash? Electric? Sewer?
    For us, a family of five in a 4-bedroom house, water is about $100 every two months. Lately my electric bill has been about $150 a month, ouch! The City & County of Honolulu doesn't charge separately for trash, and sewer costs are paid for by the water bill.

    I know a few people who live out in Wai'anae, and from what I have heard, folks there are very nice. The commute is a killer, though. Depending on what kinds of jobs you get, you may want to live closer to town.


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      Re: move to hawaii

      Thanks. Proportionally, I think that's less than we pay for a 2 bedroom in San Diego. We commute 22 miles each way now....of course it's on 70 mph freeway, but still a long drive. I plan on working on or near PH/Hickam, but the wife's job will most likely be in town. Food for thought, to be sure.


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        Re: move to hawaii

        Originally posted by mbrinkma
        How much is regular gasoline going for now on base?
        Aha! Check for the latest. It looks like this week, the Hickam AFB exchange is selling 87 unleaded for $2.10/gallon.


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          Re: move to hawaii

          Thanks. A bit more than we pay here, but not as bad as I expected.