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  • Pilikia!!!

    I'm having troubles! I'm trying to go with my mom (to oahu, from texas) for her high school reunion and to see family. I'm poor and just having a hell of a time finding a ticket that i can afford. My aunt, whom we were possibly staying with, is going on holiday to the mainland, so now we have the added hassel of finding a hostel.
    It shouldnt be this hard to visit family !
    Too bad I dont know a pilot! Hope i can save money before august.

    Any tips or tricks, kama'aina? is it always this hard for you to go home??

    -sh"just venting"en
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    Re: Pilikia!!!

    Check out Dunno where you're flying out of, but the cheapest RT fare from DFW is $714 (I plugged in 8/10-8/20). has a RT fare same days for $656 (tax included). They won't be direct flights, but hey, you want cheap, right?


    P.S. with Priceline, you can sometimes save even more money by "naming your own price". The catch is you won't necessarily get flights on the dates that you want (going through the regular Priceline you get guaranteed flights). The game is, look at what the "normal" discounted rate is, then name a price that's less than that lowest price. If an airline has extra seats it needs to fill, they'd rather have a lower priced ticket than an empty seat (just don't make your offer so ridiculously low...for instance: if you see that the cheapest RT price is $650, see if you can get a ticket for less than $600).
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