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  • Get Ready in da Aina

    Dis idiot haole is coming back! The wife has come around and realizes that we should have nevah left. So now we start the process of squirreling away enough coins to scratch it out again on O'ahu. Ever since we made up our minds, I've been dreaming about going over the falls on a big day Flies/Incinerators - by the time we make it, I'm gonna be afraid of the rip! Just kidding, I can't wait to earn a few long rides and reconnect with my peeps in the Aina. And hit up Side Street Inn.

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    Re: Get Ready in da Aina

    aiiiii god bless da idiot haole! You shoulda neva left in da first place! Now you know, eh?! Get home already, confannit keed!

    (good for you!)



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      Re: Get Ready in da Aina

      Aloha Pua'i Mano'a! I know I shoulda neva left - I neva wanted to, it was all the boss. It only took one cold winta and she ready fo some Side Street, the nightlife in Chinatown, the North Shore on a Saturday and the Windward on a Sunday. And then the Leeward when we feel like a long drive