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  • locations?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but it looks quite interesting. My husband and I are planning on moving to Hawaii in aprox. 2 years. I am orginially from Midway Island so the islands are the place for me! I have been to Kaui, Maui, Hawaii and Ohau, each has it's appeal. It comes down to how we want to livea and our enviroment... location, location, location!

    We plan to build, at this point all I know is it will not be traditional. We hope to live off the grid and be as green as we can. We don't need a lot of land but space and privacy are good, even at 1/4 acre lots. We prefer not too dry and not always windy. Cost of land holds value (not too too expensive, what does that mean? We aren't sure until we get a better feel for prices) We will not have to work other then what we want to do locally.

    There are so many pros and cons we can end up going in circles! Our first question is what island and what areas on those islands would suit our needs. Where are some places we should look at? Help... mahalo!

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    Re: locations?

    you didnt really say what you needs are other than not too dry and not too windy....

    what is it that you need in your life... is shopping important? schools? dirt road access? lot of rain ok? beach no beach? what is it you want?
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      Re: locations?

      You're originally from Midway Island? Where's that? Surely you don't mean that you're from Midway Atoll.


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        Re: locations?

        Yes Glen you are right I’m from Midway Atoll, originally called Midway Island. Its current state of affairs is so disheartening. I hope to do something for that small place once we are in Hawaii. I last lived out there in 1998 when things were much better.

        As I mentioned we are looking for some space (land) and privacy to some degree. We need space for a wind generator, a small garden, a small home, maybe chickens and a garage or shop. We hope to live near the ocean. We like to stay away from traffic. We have been called mildly old hippies and are unconventional… we are not middle class America and prefer not to live in this type of environment. My husband is called the mad scientist, he invents, designs and builds modes of transportation so always has a project going. We snorkel, sail, hike, bike and trike ride. All this to say a condo would never suit us. We are not shoppers and will be retired so don’t need schools. We don't like a lot of rain.

        Hope this helps; as I said we are new to this type of thing so forgive me as I fumble around trying to effectively communicate!
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