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    We moved back to the Big Island in February and have been living up at Volcano ever since. I'll second's one of those little hole in the wall places, has been there for ages, and has great sweet and sour shrimp and chow mein. We have a plate lunch L&L's now too in Keauu. And check out the Hilo Farmer's Market (Wed and Sun). Don's Grill and as many mentioned Ken's Pancakes are favorites with locals.

    We're around 45 to 60 min from Hilo up here at the Park and going towards Kona, about 45 min to Punalu`u Beach
    If you like snorkeling, try Richardson's just outside of Hilot town. It has the prettiest coral reef I've seen as far as ones you can easily swim out to, and there's a little marine life center and brackish ponds and trails - just a really nice beach park. We like to climb on the rocks/cliffs at Punalu`u and Richardson's too. Punalu`u has beautiful tide pools and coves where the turtles hang out - away from the main beach. But the coves unfortunately are sometimes heavily littered with broken beer bottles and crap. Usually they're clean but I wouldn't go barefoot. The turtles are awesome.
    Enjoy Volcano House and that great fireplace!

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