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Ferry sinks in Tonga

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  • Ferry sinks in Tonga

    One of the local ferries sank in Tonga last night and a lot of people are unaccounted. Matapule used the local ferries many time when commutting between the islands. The ferry that sank was the Princess Ashika which wasn't completed until the year after matapule and uaifi returned to the US, so was never on that particular boat. Tongan women are notoriously poor swimmers, even though they grow up around the water. Tongan men, in general, are pretty good swimmers, but not all. It doesn't look good for many of the passengers.

    Eiki mafi, mafi ihe langi, fakalava ko hoku kaume'a fakaTonga.
    Peace, Love, and Local Grindz

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    Re: Ferry sinks in Tonga

    To e po’uli he fanua – Night has fallen across the land.

    My thoughts are also with the survivors and the families of the victims of this tragedy.

    I have read that most of the survivors were male and that the dead were mostly women and children. According to the Spasifik magazine website, that is because the men were on deck while the women and children slept below. It seems that it happened so quickly, there was no time for them to escape.
    Toku toa, he toa rangatira ~ He whakatauki
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      Re: Ferry sinks in Tonga

      I read that, too, kiwidiva; so sad. Blessings of comfort and peace to Tongans; especially the families of those lost.