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Rioting in Tonga

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  • Rioting in Tonga

    For the last week or so, the capital city of Nuku'alofa in the kingdom of Tonga has been ravaged by riots. The citizens are unhappy that the Parliament has delayed a vote on key democratic reforms. Currently, the Parliament has only 9 of its 32 members freely elected, with the rest of the group being made up of appointees of the Tongan royal family and the elite.

    The ethnic group that has been targeted is the Chinese merchants, who reported that 30 businesses owned by Chinese businesspeople had been burned or looted on Thursday.

    Australia and New Zealand have sent contingents of military troops and police to try to restore the peace. At least 8 people have already been killed in the rioting.

    "Americans believe in three freedoms. Freedom of speech; freedom of religion; and the freedom to deny the other two to folks they don`t like.” --Mark Twain