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Midway Island new tourist destination?

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  • Midway Island new tourist destination?

    Midway Island is being opened as a new ecotourist destination. Would you want to visit it?
    The new plan covers the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, the Battle of Midway National Memorial, and the Midway Atoll Special Management Area of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. It was prepared by the Fish and Wildlife Service in cooperation with the state and NOAA, which share jurisdiction over some of the land and water within the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

    Midway would be the only island in the marine national monument to be available for public access. Ultimately, public access will be guided by a permanent management plan that will view Midway as a part of the larger marine national monument.

    The plan proposes to allow no more than 30 visitors at a time on the island during 2007 and no more than 50 at a time from 2008 until a permanent plan is in place. Visitors will be permitted on the island generally only during the albatross nesting season, from November through July. The presence of the albatrosses — the most numerous of the nesting seabirds on the island — is a major draw for wildlife lovers. The rest of the year will be used for construction and maintenance of the island's aged infrastructure.
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    Re: Midway Island new tourist destination?

    i've been looking forward to this, wondering about prices etc. I've been to several atolls in French Polynesia and I find visiiting an atoll to be an exceptional experience.

    After reading this article, it seems the prices are quite high and out of my budget for the time being. It would be cheaper for me to fly to Tahiti, take a plane or boat to one of the atolls in French Polynesia and stay in one of the relatively inexpensive bungalows there with a family. Most atolls there have families that throw open their property and serve you three meals with a bungalow for under $100 day. many families have bungalows on their property in the main village, and have property on a remote motu where you can stay in completely privacy and in total bliss. The draw is the incredible sea life and tranquilty and a chance to spend time with a family in the Tuamotus.

    If the prices were more reasonable ($2,000 airfare?? I could fly to the Maldives for that) I'd be there in a hearbeat.