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Bush v. Kerry: The Final Round

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    Re: Bush v. Kerry: The Final Round

    The Democratic National Committee is now officially requesting an inquiry into the complaints of voting irregularities in Ohio. I wonder what happens if the recount overturns the certified results? Would that mean Bush actually lost the Electoral College votes? The Dems claim that they aren't contesting the results, they just want to investigate the complaints. Yeah right. And Oahu doesn't have an opala problem, too.

    Funny thing is the same thing is happening in the State of Washington. We went "blue" in the Presidential election, but we're purple in the gubenatorial race because we're now about to embark on the SECOND recount of votes for governor. The Dems here want "every vote counted" and the Republicans are saying they want every "legal" vote counted. Most people here think the Dems should just give it up because the Legislature is Democratic leaning anyway, which means a Republican governor isn't going to get very far.

    "Americans believe in three freedoms. Freedom of speech; freedom of religion; and the freedom to deny the other two to folks they don`t like.” --Mark Twain