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Was Palin chosen cuz she's the opposite of Cheney?

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    Re: Was Palin chosen cuz she's the opposite of Cheney?

    Originally posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
    And, just who was it that picked Sarah for this VP seat? It sure wasn't JMc..
    You know, Ron, that is an interesting question. McCain did not get who he wanted for his VP, so did some group of people dictate to him who his VP was going to be? It is obvious that W does not have the skills to be President. Somebody else is/was calling all the shots. I think we can guess who those folks might be.

    Our independent news agencies are being purged of independent thinkers. There is an erosion of personal privacy. We are gong to have the military patrolling our streets. Our personal freedoms are under attack by our own government under the guise of homeland security. As Letterman says, "This really smells."

    Is the US governed by a shadow government? A governement that is tied to the financial/industrial/military complex bent on fascist control of the population? I am concerned that it just might be.
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      Re: Was Palin chosen cuz she's the opposite of Cheney?

      I think it's been that way for at least as long as I've been around, and it sure ain't the America I learned about in school or the one I pledged alligence to.
      Turns out to be mostly a bunch of lies, and we keep electing the liars.


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        Re: Was Palin chosen cuz she's the opposite of Cheney?

        From the first link Peshkwe shared with us:

        [Cheney's] general counsel has asserted that 'the vice presidency is a unique office that is neither a part of the executive branch nor a part of the legislative branch,' and is therefore exempt from rules governing either" (June 24, 2007).
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