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Northeast Ice Storm

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  • Northeast Ice Storm

    We are still recovering from one of the worst storms I have ever been through. I have ridden out hurricanes, blizzards, even a tornado, but this ice storm that hit upstate New York (and the northeast) two nights ago was very scary. My dog was in freak mode from about 1 am until 4:30 am. It came down as rain in buckets and froze on contact. All night long, as the ice grew on every tree branch, wire and electrical transformer, you could hear the cracking of trees and explosion of transformers. The explosion of the transformers made it look like lightening in the sky. Then the sirens began blasting. You'd hear a loud pop-pop-pop then a siren, then a really loud crack of a tree falling almost non-stop. It calmed down about 4:30 and around daybreak it began to snow. The added weight of the snow caused a whole new round of downed trees and wires. Our power was on in the morning but we lost it around 11. We were one of the lucky ones - we got the power back about 10:30 last night. There are still 100,000 homes and businesses in this area without power. I heard there were about 1,000,000 total in the northeast without power. The temperature is 16 right now so many are in shelters. The few gas stations that are open have lines down the block. But you can't go anywhere anyway. The snow plows are plowing the tree limbs from roads. Since it is so cold, the ice isn't going anywhere and tree limbs continue to fall. Luckily the forecast for tomorrow is in the 50's so a lot of it should melt. At least enough to alleviate the stress on the remaining trees and wires.

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    Re: Northeast Ice Storm

    Stay warm, and take care of the dog!


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      Re: Northeast Ice Storm

      Originally posted by acousticlady View Post
      It came down as rain in buckets and froze on contact.
      Wow, that's scary

      We're glad you're back on the grid and "warm". G'luck and keep us informed, so we know you're ok.
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