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America's War on the Poor

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    Re: America's War on the Poor

    Originally posted by matapule View Post
    Some people, actually quite a few, are incapable of working harder or smarter. They just aren't blessed. So what do we do? Take away their free bus pass and eliminate what little mobilty they had? Condemn them to a life of even greater misery?
    Take away their free bus pass? That is exactly the root of the problem we face here. The belief of entitlement to charity, rather than thankfulness to give or receive, is a pernicious societal disease that must be addressed. lest we create a perpetual welfare state (oops, we're already there!).

    I suppose Matapule would choose to bless all living humans with unending abundance and happiness, were he a deity. Luckily, we have been saved from that fate by the existing deities.
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