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  • Hurricane Irene

    In case anyone wants to talk about Hurricane Irene which made landfall on the East Coast of the United States earlier today.

    For myself I visited the town of Chincoteague, VA in late June. The town sits on a small island (like about 2 miles east-west by 4 to 5 miles north-south) at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

    From time to time I would listen to their radio station, WCTG-FM, mostly the station runs automatically at the times I listen to and I missed their Friday afternoon talk of the town yesterday so I really don't know the mood of the town during this event. Anyway the live stream from WCTG stopped around 3:15 pm HST today. I can only assume power to the town has been cut off.

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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    Just an update for anyone interested. I am right smack in the middle of the worst hit areas. Luckily our house survived, but many here have lost everything. On Monday, we were under a voluntary evacuation order. The only problem was that there was no where to go. All the roads to the east, north and south were closed and all the bridges were closed to the west ( I live 6 blocks from where the Hudson and Mohawk rivers join and only 20 miles from the Vermont border). I walked down to the river and took pictures of the flooding. I didn't realize it at the time, but when I looked at the pictures later, I realized the Erie Canal Lock 1 (from the old time song) was gone!

    I have lived through several hurricanes and have never seen anything like this. Usually, when the storm leaves, the only thing left is clean up. This time, the floods kept coming. Entire towns have been swallowed. Entire roads are gone. These are major arteries too, not little country lanes. The main artery between New York and Vermont is shut down indefinitely. We've had National Guard helicopters flying overhead for days.

    Definitely a storm for the memory books!


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      Re: Hurricane Irene

      You know, I was thinking, "I haven't seen AL around lately..." and I did not make the connection between Irene and the fact you live in the NE. Wow, I'm glad your home survived the devastation, and that you're OK. My sympathies to your neighbors.

      The damage to east coast infrastructure is pretty crazy. I hope you still have access to safe, clean, drinking water. I hope the local governments can scrape up the money to fix things, before winter hits.

      Best wishes.
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