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    Re: Petition Rush off KHVH

    Like I said before, his $$$ backers will take major hits before even considering the slightest change, and they havn't felt anything yet. But Rushia's ego and spittle count have been seriously accosted recently. He compensates by using even higher denomination bills to light his cigars, but he's porking up big time. Maybe he'll cut his own career short all by himself.


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      Re: Petition Rush off KHVH

      There are historic figures from the past who imploded
      after a while. Senator Joseph McCarthy comes to mind.
      The exploration of "Tail-gunner Joe" and his history is a
      descent into madness.


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        The Rants of Ron Whitfield

        Originally posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
        There needs to be a limit to outright lying on the airwaves, and he long ago exceeded his privilege to do so.
        The mistake you make, Ron, is that which so many have tried to communicate to you on this thread. Rush’s commentary is just that — commentary. In other words, his personal opinion. A divisive one at that. But nonetheless, popular. Lots of people listen to him. In any case, it is not meant to be taken as seriously, as say, a hard news article on the cover of the New York Times.

        I don’t know if “inciteful” is a word, Ron, but you nevertheless use it to describe Rush. Can you give me an example of how Limbaugh incites people in such a way that it justifies removing him from the airwaves? Other than being a classless idiot, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a call to action by Rush that would be construed as dangerous or otherwise a threat to national security. Have you?

        We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.

        — U.S. President Bill Clinton
        USA TODAY, page 2A
        11 March 1993


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          Re: Petition Rush off KHVH

          Radio people will tell you in one breath that radio is the most persuasive medium, but in the next that Limbaugh and other right wing talk shows are 'just entertainment'. Seems kind of odd that nobody from the left ever gets the opportunity to refute or defend, all that millions of people hear every day is that liberals and Democrats are horrible people who screwed everything up. Limbaugh is given credit for helping elect the 1994 congress, you know--the one that spent its every "working" moment delving into President Clinton's personal life while the leaders of the witch hunt, Gingrich, Hyde, Livingston, et al, were all doing the same thing only worse. Does anybody seriously doubt that bush could have gotten close enough for the crooked judges on the sup ct to have stolen the election for him, without help from the right wing radio industry? And from that, of course: 9-11, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, tax cuts for billionaires (source of 37.5% of the debt Republicans make such a hypocritical show of whimpering about) and the resulting national bankruptcy. Oh, bush was a liberal, say the right wing talk show hosts, as if all being a liberal means is deficit spending. Keep it nice and simple for your idiot listeners who you so obviously hold in contempt--Conservative good, liberal bad. And this latest congress of idiots also got a lot of help getting elected from the right wing radio industry, too. Isn't it odd that while a fairness doctrine existed the public voted fairly wisely--reasonable Democrats, reasonable Republicans, but now our entire political process, at least the Republican portion of it, insanely harps on defunding Planned Parenthood, banning abortion, banning contraception, and the like.

          There were always restrictions on free speech, the prohibition on screaming "Fire!!!" in a crowded theater being the most famous. You cannot advertise fake medicines on TV, you can't even advertise cigarettes, you can't sell child porn, nobody has a problem with those restrictions. By the same token Tokyo Rose and Josef Goebbels were never given access to American airwaves during WW2 to air their 'commentary'. Why not? Seriously--why not? Its the same reason Limbaugh and the other right wing folks, no matter how much money they make the radio monopoly, should not be on the air--America should be preserved, and that does require an informed public, not a propagandized one doped up on lies and half truths and distortions, it does require the Fairness doctrine so if any radio personality of any persuasion goes off the tracks he or she can be rebutted. Otherwise, don't waste your time voting, it is a totally futile, meaningless gesture.


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            Re: The Rants of Ron Whitfield

            Originally posted by TuNnL View Post
            Rush’s is commentary. In other words, his personal opinion.

            Can you give me an example of how Limbaugh incites people in such a way that it justifies removing him from the airwaves?
            Ah, but I've long argued that he doesn't actually believe much at all the things he says, he's merely enriching himself by saying things that throws fuel on a fire that's been burning for MANY years. I think he has a hatred for a lot of things that lot's of us hold dear, but an equal love for riches and stoking a bloated ego that he's been afforded via a cush job where he can also get his need to rant satisfied. He doesn't even subscribe to the work ethic that the old republican party of hard working Americans used to hold up as what made this country great. He's just a lazy whore, who has found a rewarding niche, and couldn't care less how much he hurts this country.

            kalalau touched on some broad examples, but Rushia's core following listen to him for it's daily marching orders, just like the blind legions that flocked to speeches by Hitler. He repeatedly reinforces negative mindsets of easily led ignorants that thirst for the reassurring pat on the back telling them they aren't alone in their stupidity and hate, that anything goes as long as it comports to the idealisms they believe in and defeats those they oppose. They will search and destroy any and all they dispise, no matter how illogical, irrational, or illegitimate, and I do mean murdering those that think other than them. That's a serious danger to us all. When my otherwise kindly old idiot righty lie-loving friend who fought in WW2 against what he now supports see's John Lennon's face on TV and say's "there's another one that should just die", that tells you things are bad, and action needs to be taken to keep things from going any further down the path Rushia is busily helping to pave.
            Last edited by Ron Whitfield; March 27, 2012, 07:19 AM.


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              Re: Petition Rush off KHVH


              Rush Limbaugh is ashamed of Americans. He's saying that Americans are fools.
              Last edited by Walkoff Balk; February 21, 2013, 09:00 PM.


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                Re: Petition Rush off KHVH

                Originally posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
                Rush Limbaugh is ashamed of Americans. He's saying that Americans are fools.
                Me too, all too often, but bumRush knows intimately the embarrassment of being an American fool, and has no plans of altering his porcine position.