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'16 Presidential election

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  • '16 Presidential election

    The biggest enemy of the GOP in 2016 besides Trump is the electoral college map.
    Even if you give the GOP candidate EVERY SINGLE CONCEIVABLE SWING STATE (Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, West Virginia, Missouri), he STILL doesn't have 270 electoral votes.
    For the GOP to win the Presidency, they have to win all of those PLUS either Virginia or Wisconsin.
    Meanwhile, the Democrat candidate needs to win at most just two of those states.
    Throw in other factors (demographic trends, a radical base forcing GOP candidates to take nationally unpopular positions, alienating everybody they can, ignoring Sen. Graham as the only viable nominee), and it just gets harder and harder for GOP presidential candidates to win with each passing election.
    It's all over for good old burnt toast America but at least we can go down laffing at such losers.

    We got a whole year to go til the election, and on the left we have a solid field of... questionable candidates with the designed to be hounded Hillary, the Scandinavian style Socialist Sanders, and stealth candidate Sen. Jim Webb. All of whom are able to beat anyone from conworld in a popular vote.