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  • Clinton / Trump debates

    tonite's first debate was a disaster for Trump, typically coming unhinged and blowing any chance at maintaining a stable Presidential temperament, while Hillary had her cake and ate it too by being poised and on message despite Trump's constant interruptions and, of course, non stop lying.
    But the big topic is his suspected cocaine drip that kept him sniffling all nite and heavy intake of water, he's getting pounded from all sides about it, minus his devotees who absurdly call it all in his favor.
    This was a huge loss for him, whether it'll affect the polls or anything else we'll wait and see, but what a mess he made of the entire affair, and there's two more to come... if he shows up.
    Like Chuck Todd said afterwards, whatever team is salty tomorrow knows they lost. Hillary was giddy as a goat at times up there, so I doubt they're drowning any sorrows with the bottle, but they probably want to bust out the champagne.