beyond the trumpuke's destruction of our Nation's Democracy and the end of the Nation it'self we have the sKKKandal of all-time in the purposefully planned disappearing of thousands of brown children by this fraudulent admin. (and their Goebbels mirror in Steven Miller) who now busted are claiming they don't have the $$ to even try to locate these stolen babies. and it's nothing new, these inhuman KKKultists have been doing this for decades with impunity to the point where they are now openly murdering as we watch and expecting us to get over it and support them as the MAGAts they are.
to make it worse we see the media en mass taking a powder on the human crisis of right wing infanticide to focus instead of the BS in Virginia, if the tables were reversed the never right would be screeching til the last child was returned by the Dems or resurrected from their graves. anybody thinking labeling these trump scum as NAZIS is wrong are just as willing to enjoy the innocent blood on their hands as trump and his sycophant evangelical death dealers.