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    it's what got us out of the Great Depression, even while fighting a second World War, and made America great, thx to FDR putting people back to work and learning actual careers to provide well for their families. but post-war we faltered yet again leading to Eisenhower's cryptical warnings of the overwhelming negatives by the Military Industrial Complex and we're now fighting militarized aggressors here at home, the exact fear traitor righties have typically screamed the Left was ''wanting to do'' re Muslims, immigrants, taking guns, abortion, etc. as we sink into a worse situation than the '30s cos now we're divided irreparably until the forces of evil are finally vanquished. for the past 40yrs we've ridden the crest of Socialism lite far past the beach and are now stranded among the ruins of unregulated Capitalism with an angry buffoon running wild hoping to burn it all down before he's removed as his enabling traitors still pave his way on our blood. in a Liberal America the American dream would have been the norm for everybody, nobody would have excessive wealth to enable crony corruption, and those unhappy with that could simply leave for wherever else they thot they could achieve their selfish goals better, but there'd be too much national fun going on for those few to be missed. remember fun? monies would be directed for 100% housing, medical, and techno advancements to make our lives good, not to suffer and enrich a few who devise to kill us off. of course the haters will say SHEEPLE! cos they're afraid of equality and justice for all, and never want to be forced to admit they've been wrong about everything, every day, their entire lives. just look at what they've managed to achieve! lolol

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    it's worse