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  • Ron Whitfield
    After retrial, former US Marine sentenced to 210 years in prison for raping girls in Cambodia
    a US trial would see him walk free

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  • Ron Whitfield
    started a topic psycho Veteran plague

    psycho Veteran plague

    of course this could just be another racist losing careers post but the overdue topic is the free pass nutjob Vets get, to run around looking for trouble and creating violence.
    our grotesque post WW2 military is just another hate hole full of traitorous shit, and they think they're better than everyone else lol
    we pay these FREE STUFF taking punks a full retirement instead of a padded jail cell, and this is what we get for it
    $1M bond set for white privileged roid-raging right wing never shoulda been a military pos accused of punching an elderly Patriot over parking spot
    Suicidal and spiraling downward, Mandeville veteran's PTSD culminates in parking lot assault
    Veteran trash Arrested After Bullying Elderly Man