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Driving cross-country...advice needed!

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    Re: Driving cross-country...advice needed!

    Originally posted by pzarquon View Post
    Too cool! Thanks for checking in! Are you logging your travels as you go, anywhere, by chance? Posting photos, if even from your cell phone? In any case, sounds like a great trip. Good vibes indeed coming your way!
    I'll be definitely posting a full recap on my blog!

    Unfortunately I lost my camera battery charger somewhere between Pittsburgh and Denver so I have to wait until my replacement comes in on Thursday.

    We got to Vegas went out for drinks with an ex. As usual, he was the greatest host and we paid for it the next day as we drove to LA. Let's just say that it was not pleasant for me in Primm!

    By the time we got to the LAX Crowne Plaza, we were pooped. My friend's BF met us from Phoenix and now we're all waiting for our flight. Looks like this is gonna be one packed flight.

    But least I'm not hungover like yesterday.

    Thanks for all your good thoughts along the way!
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