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    Re: You are what you eat...

    Originally posted by Miulang
    Hmmm...I couldn't decide where this should go, because it does relate to kaukau, but since it is about lawsuits, I thought it would be more appropriate here.

    This is a story that appears in your Honolulu Advertiser this morning, and it relates to all the "Cheeseburger" lawsuits that have been cropping up around the country.
    Since I've been having fun off-topic in this thread, I guess I should bring it back on topic. It looks to me like this is a case of the legislative branch of government trying to cut off disputes that are best left to the courts. If the courts as a whole think that "cheeseburger lawsuits" really are frivolous, then they'll refuse to hear them, and that will be that. The fact that the food companies are lobbying so hard to get legislatures to exempt them from potential liability in these cases makes me wonder, why are they so afraid of what they claim are frivolous lawsuits?