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HPR, NPR and Bob Edwards

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  • HPR, NPR and Bob Edwards

    This past season was the first time in a while that I didn't give during Hawaii Public Radio's fund drive. I'm a longtime supporter, but things have been tight lately. And National Public Radio's decision to pull Bob Edwards off "Morning Edition" right about that time didn't help.

    But I guess the uproar over Edwards' dismissal was heard loud and clear, even way out here, 'cause this morning I caught a prepared statement by HPR's Michael Titterton about the whole affair. Basically, he said, "We've heard you, we agree, we helped you get the word up the chain and we've shared our concerns as well." He also said that despite the business decision made on the Mainland, he hoped listeners would continue to support them here in Hawaii.

    I wonder how the national network's move has impacted the local networks' operations. I imagine they're wondering, "If we can be blindsided by this, what else could happen?"

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    Re: HPR, NPR and Bob Edwards

    Well, XM is no NPR, but Bob Edwards has a new home come October.
    Edwards, who was unceremoniously dumped as anchor of NPR's "Morning Edition" in March, prompting widespread public protests, will bring the blend of news, talk and interviews he was famous for at NPR to the new "Bob Edwards Show," airing 8 to 9 a.m. daily -- opposite "Morning Edition." The show will repeat immediately afterward.
    There was a brief interview with an XM spokesman on one of my favorite NPR shows, On the Media.
    We have recruited who we consider to be the voice of public radio, Bob Edwards, and this is really our first foray into making talk programming and news programming here in-house. So, you know, you react to what your customers want, and certainly public radio is something they've desired.


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      Re: HPR, NPR and Bob Edwards

      As far as I know XM and its competitor, Sirius Radio are not available in Hawaii unless you settle for just listening to a webcast.
      I'm still here. Are you?