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  • scrivener
    Re: Breakups

    There's nothing intelligent for me to say except that I understand. Several years ago, I posted a similar sentiment on HT's (sorta) predecessor, HawaiiStories. I even titled my entry with the lyrics to a Whitney Houston song. The entire post embarrasses me very much, but the sentiment I felt was real, and in sooooo many ways I'm still feeling it.

    It does indeed suck, and I'm sorry.

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  • turtlegirl
    started a topic Breakups


    AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh,Waeaaaawaaaaaaa, sob, sniffle, snot like crazy...ahhh, tis the worst pain i know! I hate to admit it, but Im going thru an awful separation with my former bf. Hes a wonderful guy, and my best friend, but unfortunately, we know were not marriage material. But we still love each other as friends...waaaaaaaaah! snot, snot, sniffle! This is so horrible! Im keeping the apt with the garden and the adorable, spunky, 83 y.o. landlady that needs me., and has totally hanaied me. I love her, and I really feel like I should never leave here, at least until she can no longer live here. Probably 10 years or so! teeeheee! Likely longer! Shes such a toughie!! So hes leaving me. Today I finally changed the shirt Ive been wearing for about 6 days, and washed my crusty hair. dont even get me started on leg shaving....lets just say it will be braidable in another week =(. <insert shrieking wailing here> Gah! I cant eat, i sleep waaaay too much, I dont want to leave the house, I cry my face off at the drop of a hat

    Aaargh! Why is breaking up so awfully sucky!!!!!!!!!!