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  • Best Reward / Worst Punishment

    From your childhood... 1) What's the Best Reward that you remember your parents giving you? 2) Also what's the worst punishment?

    1) I remember when I was good with Mom walking around Ala Moana Shopping Center, she would take me into Ed & Don's Ice Cream. I'd have this HUGE Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge Sundae. It's amazing that I didn't go into sugar shock!

    2) Do you remember "Hot Wheels" plastic racing tracks? My own toys were used against me. Before they moved up to Dad's belt, I used to get it with my tracks. Eventually I gave them all away, just to get rid of them, thinking now I'm safe. Ooops! Miscalculation there buddy. Oh well I survived to tell the story....
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    Re: Best Reward / Worst Punishment

    Yeah, we had those types of moments where we go down to Haleiwa for shave ice, etc., but I wouldn't classify them as rewards. I can't remember any "rewards" if there were any at all. Most oriental families back then weren't real demonstrative or verbal about affection. Hopefully I helped break that trend in our's with Melanie, although I know I'm my father's son.

    I tell my Melanie and wife how much I love them as often as possible. Everyday along with lots of hugs.

    Punishment? Plenty. You know how lots of us "brag" about getting the belt, wooden hanger, rice scooper, etc. for whippings? Well, I had'em all too. But the worst was having to clear our backyard of 4' high California grass. The whole yard. Why you may ask? You may ask.


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      Re: Best Reward / Worst Punishment

      Must have been that other grass that was growing in the backyard, eh?

      Our best rewards came in the summer when we'd qualify for our swim bands at the swim club. They were red, green and black. If you swam 50 meters and dove off the low board, then you got a green band. If you swam 100 meters and dove off the 3-meter board, then you got a black band, which meant you had the run of the whole pool. The red band was limited to one section of the pool. I had a grave fear of diving off the 3-meter, so I was the only kid on the swim team for years who couldn't play off that board. Whatever. Our reward each time we made a swimming milestone was a Barbie outfit--which came in complete kits including Barbie's shoes, purse, the whole shebang. That and a Mr. Softee soft-serve black-n-white cone. mmmmmm!

      Punishments: Well, once I threw a shoe at my brother as he was running into his room. He slammed the door at the time of impact and the heel put a whole in that door like you wouldn't believe. I was beaten so bad I tried to crawl under the bed but my dad kept pulling me out and hitting me some more. The neighbors called the cops. By the time I was 15, the neighbors were calling the cops all the time because my dad was a wife beater.

      For some strange reason, I turned out OK. I don't dare hit my kids. I try not to mentally torment them the way my mom and the Franciscan nuns did to me. My kids are incredibly smart and beautiful and they are my gifts from G*d. I feel like the only way I can prevent the perpetuation of abuse is to double over in kindness and loving discipline for my kids. I'm a pushover and they know it, but man when they get the on-the-level lecture from me, they can't stand it and squirm like all get out. That's motivation enough for them to be good.

      More than ya wanted to know, I'm sure.
      Aloha from Lavagal


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        Re: Best Reward / Worst Punishment

        Best Reward: Having my son being born

        Worst Punishment: The 9 months I had to put up with the wife before that


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          Re: Best Reward / Worst Punishment

          Best Reward: Getting a job shortly after graduating from college.

          Worst Punishment: Having to work for the State


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            Re: Best Reward / Worst Punishment

            Best Reward: Being born to loving parents who raised me and taught me well.

            Worst Punishment: Having them grow old. When I lost my dad.
            ...someday to lose my MAMA too.

            Auntie Lynn
            Be AKAMAI ~ KOKUA Hawai`i!
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              Re: Best Reward / Worst Punishment

              Best reward...not getting punished

              Worst punisment...punishing my kids.
              Life is what you make of please read the instructions carefully.