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    Originally posted by KoaukaLoop82
    * Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies (downstairs Pearlridge by Long's)

    Wally "Famous" Amos is still in business running a cookie store in Kailua called Chip N Cookie and is active promoting reading for young children. He will be speaking this month at Small Business Hawaii's Sunrise Networking Breakfast on July 27.
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      Aye, I remember the one in Waikiki, across the street from Royal Hawaiian shopping center. I miss that weird smell as well. How odd :P

      Square USA

      They closed their Harbor Court studio in downtown Honolulu in early 2002 after spending more than 5 years there.
      Ever since Square merged with Enix, my 2 favorite console series (Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest) are under one roof. I'm not so sure if that's a good thing, but I was a bit sad to read about when they left Hawai'i :/

      Times Supermarket in Niu Valley Shopping Center - This was THE anchor tenant. Times was sold by the Teruya family. The Niu valley location was closed in September 2002. Now it's a church? I'm wondering how LeBistro, Lung Fung and KFC are surviving without an anchor.
      I got to visit Hawai'i 3 years ago, and was shocked to see Times gone. I told my family they were surprised, as well. I was glad to see Lung Fung still around, and am glad now to read same now :P


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        Sugar Shack (from the International Marketplace) may be gone, but someone has revived the idea and the name:

        Weird! My Sugar Shack jars look like this but without the printed logo. Just the different colored sugars in different color themes.
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          Hi all; I'm new to this and found it by just cruising thru the Internet. I moved away in 1993 and came home in 2004; I've missed so much. I'm just glad I finally made it home but the changes here are incredible. Took a drive around and its awesome.

          I went to Sacred Hearts Academy in Kaimuki (grad '72) and and there was a hamburger joint that made the best burgers ever; I think their name had "best" in it too, can't remember, does anyone?

          Talk about memory lane; so many places are gone that I used to frequent a lot, like Reni's in Pearl City, I still have a glass or two (you buy the drink, get to keep the glass); good old TC was there all the time, sitting in corner, and very quiet too.

          I used to frequent Chi Chi's a lot, this was back in late 80s and early 90s, that was fun, when did it close down? And Spats, I had a membership card for that place, too much! I started going there when Guido Salmaggi was there, not sure but I always thought he originally owned that place??? When did Spats close? They had a DJ there named Ryan, he kept that place rolling.

          Glad to have found this site, brings back so many memories!


          • Re: Chinese food

            Originally posted by Lei Liko View Post
            And tell me if I'm making this up or not..but before Makai Market was built, didn't Patti's have a bigger space in that corner?
            Patti's was around in the general area where the Slipper House or the Ritz Camera shop is now (or close to it).

            Sort of notice that locals tend to eat at Patti's while the tourist eat at Panda's.
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            • Re: Chinese food

              Patti's was located a little diamond head of Compleat Kitchen where the original "Bear's" opened. Lynn's Deli was on the corner where they served a mean pastrami sandwich.


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                Originally posted by D'Alani View Post
                Patti's was located a little diamond head of Compleat Kitchen where the original "Bear's" opened. Lynn's Deli was on the corner where they served a mean pastrami sandwich.
                Ahhhh, the memories. I remember when The Poi Bowl was upstairs, near The Ritz. I think that copper sculpture of triangular birds was in the koi pond near these businesses, which were on the highest level (2nd) of Ala Moana Shopping Center.

                I just remembered there was a Chinese restaurant across the parking lot at mall level of Ala Moana. Is it still there? Also, in China, where do people go to take dinner out?
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                • Re: Chinese food

                  You must mean China House. I have no idea if it's open or not.


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                    Originally posted by Mike_Lowery View Post

                    I just remembered there was a Chinese restaurant across the parking lot at mall level of Ala Moana. Is it still there?
                    That might have been the China House, and no, it's no longer there. It's now the site of the O Lounge.

                    I remember when McDonalds was a two-story and you could look down out the window into Foodland.
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                      Originally posted by Lei Liko View Post
                      I remember when McDonalds was a two-story and you could look down out the window into Foodland.
                      I told my nephews about that, who are about 5 years younger then I am, and they were like whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaat? when we talking about going to farrells.
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                      • Re: Big & Small Business Memories

                        Anybody remember the old Andy's Drive in In Kailua (on Oahu) ?? I think they closed in 1999. I think the location is a gas station now. Can't remember the name of the street it was on (Oneawa, i think) Anyways there is a Mui Kwai and Jack In the Box on the same side of the street. My Grandpa used to take me there all the time after we would deliver flowers in Kailua, and I would always get the teri beef plate lunch and a fruit punch. I remember all the little sparrows, and sometimes mynahs, would come crowding around the tables, begging for little grains of rice. And the food was sooo ONO!

                        I miss the Woolworths at Ala Moana, too...It was already mentioned, but I used to love to look at those intricately carved, fresh-dipped candles. And they had that waxy smell...Memories....

                        And...Gems in Kaneohe (Now Ross')...I used to hang out there all the time after school...and play with their Sega Genesis....Sonic the Hedgehog

                        And Kuni's Dry Goods, Windward City Shopping Center...Now- I don't know whats there. I went to go to sewing classes every week with Mrs. Chun
                        and spend most of the 2 hours ripping seams.

                        Anybody remember El Pollo Loco (now KFC) also in Windward City Shopping Center. I remember I didn't like their chicken, I must have been like 5 or 6 years old....

                        HMMM...What Else???? Think, think, think.....


                        • Re: Big & Small Business Memories

                          I still miss the OLD Willows...not the resurrected one, but the original Willows. I miss the little cabanas connected by brides. I miss the trio of Aunties playing your requested Hawaiian music. And I miss the garlic, the garlic steak...drool....


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                            Originally posted by Creative-1 View Post
                            Joseph Cornet was a Belgium-born merchant who escaped Europe just before World War I. His first venture, an Arkansas farm was a dud. Not to be deterred, he opened a soft drink stand and later the first Cornet 5-10-25¢ Store in Covina, California in 1923.

                            By 1929, he had six Cornet stores, but when the depression started, he sold all but the original store. He could not find a buyer because of a large chain store across the street.

                            To compete, Joseph Cornet became a discounter and found it was a winning formula. He built up a chain of 138 stores in nine western states and retired to Hawaii in 1956 but continued to open new stores.

                            Cornet’s first store in Hawaii, in the Aina Haina Shopping Center, opened in 1957. In 1958, a second store was opened in the Kaneohe Shopping Center, and soon after, opened in Wahiawa, Waianae, and Kailua.

                            The variety store competed with such stores as F. W. Woolworth and Kress. However, by the 1990s, sales dwindled, and the stores closed after a 35 year run in the islands.
                            I was glad to read your article about the Cornet Store. Joseph Cornet was a very old member of my family (I live in Belgium). Could you send me any information about him and the chain he has created ?

                            Are the Cornet stores all closed ?

                            Thank you for your answers.



                            • Long Gone Business Establishments You Miss

                              A spin off of Disappearing Eating Establishments how bout Business Establishments that has left the islands?

                              I rememba when I pretty much hanged out in Downtown Honolulu and cruzed at Fort Street Mall when good ol WOOLWORTHS was pretty much everyones store.
                              Everyone was on budget and you needed to get that extra bang out of your dollar an way possible. I always frequented them.

                              I know that Honolulu Book Shops is no more. I lost count how many times their location in Downtown moved. They moved at least 3 times before settling in their to be final place.

                              Are these places no mo is still around?

                              HAWAIIAN ISLAND CREATIONS


                              • Re: Big & Small Business Memories

                                oh wow lau lau
                                I nevah teenk dat dis one existed.... silly me

                                Scanning tru the replies of business long gone from hawaii

                                ahhhhhh dah good daze

                                Growing Up in Waimalu next to Waimalu Shopping Plaza I rememba...

                                (goin fr. SAFEWAY Which is still there and circling around)

                                - PAYLESS (not da SHOE company) and they had several locations on Oahu but they bowed out and got sold to Longs Drugs

                                - And there was a bar there very popular with the evening crowds, was it called Pearl City Tavern?

                                - Town And Country used to operate there cuz I used to go in there. Are they still in bizness?

                                - Mr. Sub was no Subway but I went in there once w/ my mom. Btw, is QUIZNOS in Hawaii? Theres a lot of em here in California

                                - PHONE MART! I always get the large sheets that had whateva current designs of the phone book used for ma books when I was goin to Waimalu Elementary school at da time.

                                - MAGOOS PIZZA! ahhhhhhhh I liked them. I know they got reduced to one location which is Waikiki. Is it still there or long gone?

                                - Pioneer Chicken, wasn't too keen on da chicken but I liked the desserts and freebies dey had

                                - I hea DINERS stay gone or am I misinformed? And The Tire Shop I learned from Yahoo's Flickr turned into Starbucks and Jamba Juice? Wassup?!?!?

                                - There was and I dunno if still stay a Pet Shop stoa. I used to play SPACE INVADERS ova dea and Video games were at DINERS too also!

                                - Another store that sold T-SHIRTS and they offered IRON ON GLITTERS of then 70's and maybe early 80's and they had a book of stickers too and which ever one that you liked you ask they clerk for them. And finally at the end is First Federal Bank and before they made another add on had the monkey cages! I no recall seeing monkeys there.

                                Then next to Waimalu Shopping Plaza was Newtown Sqaure I believe had.....

                                - HOFFMAN's VIDEO, the original teeny tiny location before they moved across from WAIMALU ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I used to go to them a lot and the workers there knew me by name too also.
                                They always had blow out sales of electronics goin on and I would splurge like there is nooooo tommorow.

                                - ELEPHANT CASTLE still there? Not shua

                                Then across there was a video store that I used to frequent. It was next to SUPERCUTS which became a sandwhich shop and from there I DUNNO. When it was a video store I rememba da adult stuff was in folders so dat kids lyke me no see dem.

                                - And I know that FIRST INTERSTATE BANK was there also. Used to have an account there and I dunno why cuz I had trouble maintaining one cuz I kept withdrawing $$$ from it. Yeah saad....

                                And there was someone talking about the ADULT PLACES
                                My parents took me to this club in Downtown that featured Tranny Singers. I am suprsised that they got me in and I had no clue what was goin on but then again I must have been bored out of my gord to care.
                                And my father took me to this eating place. Kinda run down looking. It think it was called Kapahulu something in Chinatown, They had the bes pipikaula cuz always broke da mouth for me. I loooooooved and my father always bought it cause he kno I liked it!

                                Just on the other end there was a Japanese Toy store name I foget and may have been mentioned already but I kno that my mom bought me a book written by RICHARD SCARRY which is still popular now. It's a picture book with animals as humans in every day life.

                                My parents hanged out at 2 bars "JAYS CORNER BAR" and the other one namewise I forget was walking distance . It's right next to the FARMERS MARKET also but anyways they served food too also. Pipikaula and Poi!