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Xerox Building Back in Service

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  • Xerox Building Back in Service

    TV fan Kimo and local casting director Sue report in soc.culture.hawaii that the local production office for "Lost" will be the long-vacant former Xerox location on Nimitz Highway. I noticed the construction last week, and wondered who'd signed the lease. The building has been on the list of "largest avaiable commercial space" in this town for years... not surprisingly.

    To discuss the "Lost" series itself, hit this Hawaii Television thread. But here, I'm curious about the business implications of site selection. Is it just another building, is it now a sacred site, or is it something in between?

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    Re: Xerox Building Back in Service

    The Honolulu Advertiser notes in a report today that "State film commissioner Donne Dawson said the show's producers and the property's owner, the Weinberg Foundation, are considering changing the name of the building out of sensitivity to the 1999 incident in which seven Xerox employees were gunned down by co-worker Byran Uyesugi."

    Work has been ongoing at the building site, and with the mostly cosmetic additions of a roof, awnings, and pillar accents, I have to admit the building looks considerably different than the drab, white "brick" it used to be.

    I wonder if the new facility could get a name that's both sterile enough for corporate sensibilities yet somehow acknowledges the site's history?