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CompUSA sold - more closures on the way?

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    Re: CompUSA sold - more closures on the way?

    I think they had one Flip Ultra left - $107. Ton of Epson R260 photo printers. $57(?). Still quite a bit of networking stuff left. And digital photo frames. Today (Wednesday) was "11 days left". Store closes March 1.

    Oh, my best buy so far? A "defective" return. This one. $80.

    The defect? "No power adapter". It doesn't come with one. There isn't even a place in the box for on. USB powered.
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      Aloha Oe to CompUSA

      Well, the fat lady HAS sung her last tune per what I hear tonite from the Ch2 was pau hana day at CUSA. They mentioned the Hono store so I dunno IF the PC store has closed too. I think the only person laughing now is that lady whos car was towed a few months back...she claimed that she was shopping in the store, yet..mgmt towed her car. per what I see now on the web, I think HI stores sucked...cuz they have re-opened other stores in the mainland US ONLY.


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        Re: Aloha Oe to CompUSA

        bummers. looks like I'll be buying more from amazon instead of actually flying to oahu for nerd parts.
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