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HP M547 digital camera

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  • HP M547 digital camera

    Been using the HP M547 digital camera since September 2007. I know I paid around $120 for it back then and now it's around $99. It's 6.2 Megapixels, runs on 2 AA batteries (I tend to use Lithiums), has a flash, 3X optical zoom with an additional 6X digital zoom, uses a SD memory card (up to 8 Gbytes), takes video with sound and has a tripod mount.

    The video quaility is not the best so I use the Flip Video camera when shooting videos.

    The photos I have been taking with this camera has been pretty good both indoors and outdoors.

    I don't see any warping effect when I am taking photos from a car, seems to be okay when taking photos during a theatrical play (oddly enough it has menu setting called "Theatre") and is capable of taking a 3 shot burst mode.

    The bad part is if you use the burst mode you can not use the flash and the self timer.

    Sample photos from this camera can be found on my Flickr account.

    Some times I make mistakes in taking photos where it's indoor, light seems to be okay but I turn off the flash and I get crappy photos as a result. I have to keep in mind that the camera has 9 different shooting modes which are Auto Mode, Close-up, Steady Photo, Theatre, Landscape, Portrait, Action, Night Portrait and Sunset.

    I have only tried using the camera in Auto Mode and Theatre. I didn't try the others.