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replace PC2100 w/PC2700

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  • replace PC2100 w/PC2700

    Okay I know that you can plug in PC2700 RAM into a PC2100 RAM slot and get PC2100 performance. However I can't seem to be able to do this with an ECS Elite Group socket 754 Sempron mobo. When I plug in the PC2700 RAM it just beeps at me without booting up. Is there anyway in the BIOS setup where I can allow this mobo to run PC2700 RAM?

    I got tons of PC2700 but only one 256Mb stick of PC2100 and I need to finish this repair. I'd like to run at least 512Mb on this rebuild.

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    Re: replace PC2100 w/PC2700

    Try asking this question on I've gotten eos of help by asking questions there.
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