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    i recently bought a laptop so i was in the market for a protective case/sleeve. i checked out the usual places online and went to a few places in town. it was a good thing i did that cuz it was clear when i slipped in my laptop that most sleeves were too big for my particular laptop.

    to make a long story short, i found this site online:

    i love the info in the About page (the history of the company and the way they listen to customers) and the testimonials from satisfied customers is golden.

    anyway, you can check to see if they have a sleeve that's perfect for your specific laptop and tho it's a little pricey, i think it'll be worth it. after having spent money on things that aren't very good, i find that paying a little more for a quality item is actually cheaper in the long run....

    so if anyone is looking for a protective case/sleeve for their laptop, ipod, cell phone, etc, you might wanna check out their site and find out more about their products.
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