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Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

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  • Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

    All week, some of my regular go-to's have been unaccessable.
    Is anyone else being bugged by this?

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    Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

    Happens to me with disturbing frequency. The pages are usually available in FireFox when IE can't open them. I'm more comfortable with IE, but find myself relying on FF more and more.
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      Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

      In what way are the web pages are unaccessable to you?

      Also it would be helpful if the following were known:
      1. What version of Windows are you using?
      2. What version of Internet Explorer are you using?
      3. What web pages are you having the problems?
      4. Is your computer date and time set correctly?


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        Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

        1. XP
        2. ?
        3. Pretty much all, but consistancy varies.
        4. Yes



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          Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

          To find out which version of Internet Explorer you are using click on the Help menu option in Internet Explorer and then choose About Internet Explorer.

          I am assuming that the purpose of this thread is that you want to find out what's wrong with your Internet Explorer. In order to do that it would be helpful to know which web sites you are using that are giving you these problems. I really don't know your web viewing habits and I don't suggest you list all of your web sites that you visit. Maybe just list one or two as a start.

          By any chance are you having problems with accessing these sites:


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            Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

            Helen, lately it happens off and on with almost any/all sites, including this one. I also frequent

            Explorer question - Windows Internet Explorer 7
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              Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

              What kind of messages or things happen when you access:


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                Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

                I'll get a white page with the exact words that I used for this thread, which is why I used it, hoping someone that's having/had the same experience would recognize it.

                I'm fading, I'm hitting the hay.

                Thank you for your help, Helen.
                Check you tomorrow.
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                  Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

                  I'm supposed to receive a computer for repair this week with the exact same problem.

                  One of the observations in this computer is that it's slow to even boot up to the desktop (long time loading system tray components).

                  When this happens it's usually a malware or spyware loading up in the system tray and executing an auto.exe program. Once these spyware programs launch (automatically in your system tray) it can do whatever it was designed to do including rerouting your computer to another website (where it can download anything from your HDD) and giving you a false impression of not loading IE at all.

                  Try running your computer in Safe Mode to disable the system tray from loading up. If you can successfully utilize IE then something is loading up in your system tray.

                  If so restart the computer and from the desktop click: Start/Run then type in MSCONFIG and select the Startup Tab. The next screen will show a bunch of checked off items. Don't uncheck all of them but look carefully at all of them and look for items that seem suspect. If you don't know if that start up item is a bad thing do a Google search of that item to determine if it is in fact a bad thing.

                  If you find something that is verifiably bad, uncheck it and reboot your computer in it's normal mode. At that time a message will pop up telling you that you changed your start up configuration. Click the "do not show this message again" box and continue normally.

                  Becareful about running a virus scan/spyware scan/registry scan and taking out an infection because some virus' and spyware infects run files known as .dll files. If you remove even an infected .dll file you may not be able to reboot into the operating system. Instead locate the folder that file is in, write it down, take out your OS disk and do a file search for that .dll file and copy it to your My Documents folder or do a copy command to store it in your clipboard.

                  Then do a single right click on your green Start button and select Explore to open up your root directory of your computer. Locate your Windows subfolder under your C: drive or Local disk and find that particular folder for which that .dll file exists in.

                  When you find it rename that .dll file but keep that extension, don't delete it yet. Do a paste command to insert or transplant the copied .dll file into that Windows subfolder. At that point you can either delete the other file you renamed or as I do remove it and put it in another folder that isn't part of the Windows folder such as my documents if the transplanted .dll file doesn't work. If it doesn't work you may have to use your OS disk and do a repair thru the Windows Setup utility on a reboot to CD-ROM.

                  Reboot the computer with the transplanted .dll file and see if that takes care of that issue.
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                    Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

                    Both my laptop and desktop computers run Windows XP Home and Internet Explorer V7 and I can access all three web sites.

                    By the way is the message you are getting is what is shown in the attachment to this post?
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                      Re: Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Site

                      Spyware is indeed at least part of the problem, Craig, and I've already done the 'safe mode'. I'll try out all the other great suggestionsa you offered. Many thanx, and we'll see what happens.

                      Yep, Helen, that's my new friend that won't stay away.
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