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  • UPS Question

    My UPS notified me today that since my battery is more than three years old that it needs to be replaced. Do I need to replace the UPS battery ?

    Model: Back-UPS ES 350
    Serial number: AB0530243609
    Firmware revision: 823.B1a.D
    USB firmware revision: B1a
    Last self-test date: Not Applicable
    Last battery replacement: 7/22/2005
    CPU: Intel Pentium
    Amount of RAM: 960 MB
    Free disk space: 144,635 MB
    Software version: PowerChute Personal Edition 1.5
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP (5.1.2600)
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    Re: UPS Question

    Yes. Change your battery. Also change your address, deoderant, mother, and underpanties.

    Or just put some of that drivel on a CD and sleep better.

    Good Grief.
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      Re: UPS Question

      No real experience with UPS batteries, Konaguy, but I have heard of them dying.

      If you can stand the noise, unplug your UPS and see how long it will keep your computer alive. Maybe there's already a built-in for your particular UPS model?

      According to this link, batteries can do fine and then suddenly drop dead:

      Replace batteries regularly: No matter how infrequently batteries are used and how vigorously they are maintained, most "sealed" batteries, which are the type most often found in the data center, have an estimated life of four to five years. Because batteries age more quickly toward the end of their life span, it's important to change them as indicated.

      So maybe you'll want to replace the battery anyways. *shrug*
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        Re: UPS Question

        If you are going to replace the battery, you may also want to check the price of a new UPS. When my UPS battery started dying, I found that the price difference between getting a new battery for my old UPS wasn't that much less than getting a new, more powerful UPS.