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  • Updating iTunes

    I searched and searched for an appropriate, existing thread but didn't find one so...

    Mac Powerbook G4
    OS 10.4.11
    iTunes 7.6.2
    iPod: 5th gen. (click wheel)

    The current update available for iTunes is 8.0; it's the 2nd update since 7.6.2. Should I (or can I) update? Pros? Cons? I'm kinda from the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" school but can take a swift kick to the okole to help move me into greener pastures!

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    Re: Updating iTunes

    I'm running 8.0 - no problems. i'd update the software. I just got a new iTouch free with my new iMac. I like my old iPod better. Guess I just haven't figured out what to do with the new one. The old one (the same as yours, I think) is lighter and fits in my pocket better.


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      Re: Updating iTunes

      The newest version of iTunes has some major improvements -- the Genius playlist is incredibly fun to play with. Everyone I talk to seems to love it as well. I haven't seen/heard of any cons so far.
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        Re: Updating iTunes

        yeah the Genius playlist and sidebar are awesome.

        also i really like the new Grid view. it displays your albums in a grid. much more useful than CoverFlow in my opinion
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          Re: Updating iTunes

          Thanx, folks. I'll update!