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  • Yoville

    Not sure where this goes, but...

    Here is a game that I found, which I feel only popular in the mainland, but not so much here in hawaii..

    (But then again, I could be wrong about the popularity [here in Hawaii], thing.)

    its a cute game , also can be addictive, too .

    It's in Myspace & Facebook:



    I's fun, & funny at times, but becarefull of SCAMMERS.

    So, like I said, you have been forwarned: "it can be addcitive" .

    Just passing this on by you.

    If you want to discuss it here, go ahead. :-) If anyone else played it before & want to discuss it, or help others out, cool, go ahead. :-)

    Happy playing, & enjoy. . :-).
    Aches & Pains
    (through out our lives) knows no time!!.

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    Re: Yoville


    Just curious, for those of you who peeked (at this site), who among you actuyally registered??

    Just curious.

    Cuz, if you have any question...

    (since NO ONE is replying back)..

    I'll try to answer them the best I know how.

    I play it off & on.

    I actually have it on (both), Myspace & Facebook

    Why do I have it on both? You may ask?....

    Well, I orginally had it on Myspace, because I have friends in Myspace, but I had another friend from Facebook (in Canada), requested me to be added on, so I accepted. Then I got to thinking, since Yoville is in Myspace, why not maybe in Facebook, too? BIG MISTAKE , I also ended up having friends in yoville, that I didn't want to leave, & be rude. So I ended up staying in Yoville with Facebook, too. (So Now I have

    Much later, some of my friends wants to move to Facebook, & leave myspace. :-(. sigh. what ever. lol.


    Hope to hear from anyone back in regards to "Yoville".

    Good or Bad Replies. Do you like it? do you hate it?? & Why? etc.

    Aloha. :-)
    Aches & Pains
    (through out our lives) knows no time!!.