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Road Runner domain name changed?

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  • Road Runner domain name changed?

    Did Time Warner change its domain names for Road Runner home pages? If I look for sites at (e.g.,, I just get error messages. When did this happen? Google's cached copies are only a couple of month old so it must have been recent.

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    Re: Road Runner domain name changed?

    Roadrunner announced the change in December. This is part of the email they sent me. (I had a web page there from long ago. I let it die quietly.)
    "Dear Customer,
    Road Runner has launched a new Personal Home Page service. This new service includes more web storage, web page building tools, easy to use templates, and other exciting new features.

    If you currently have a Personal Home Page account and you want to keep it, you must move it prior to December 17.

    We will retire the existing Personal Home Pages system on December 17. Any pages or files left in your old account will no longer be available after that date, so make sure that you backup or move your account as soon as possible."