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    I'm not selling this, but just passing down the information...

    My hubby & I bought the product, mainly for me. It helps me a great a deal with my muscle aches & pains .

    I know that my Chiropractor in town has a much BIGGER version, he also charges us per visit, so we hardly go , only when I am in an excruciating pain.

    I saw this product a while back, & but didn't think of getting it at that time, & this last weekend, I saw it again, so, my hubby & I went to purchase it on Monday night.

    I have been using it ever since. It helps me a great deal with my muscle aches .

    They are located in Ala Moana shopping Center, I think thet are in 3rd or 4th floor (not sure), in any case, they are in between Starbucks & Shirokia store.

    If you live here in Hawaii, & (maybe show proof of ID?), they may give a discount. I don't remember the cost, because my hubby was the one who paid for it.

    Maybe you can call Ala Moana for the location - 955-9517

    I noticed on their cart, it said "Triple P". I have no idea what that means, although, I hope that it can help you as far as the location goes.

    Personally, I highly reccomend it for those who truly NEEDS it.

    Good luck.

    Aloha. :-)

    P.S. if you purchased one or two (or so) recently & would like to share your experience with it to others, please feel free to do so. :-)

    Thank you & Aloha. :-)
    Aches & Pains
    (through out our lives) knows no time!!.