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  • iPod interface installer

    Hopefully this is in the correct forum, if not can someone please move it to the correct one? Mahalo!

    My question... I recently bought an iPod interface hookup from Crutchfield that I want to put in my car (is designed to interface with the existing nav system). However, I don't know of any good installers on-island (I'm on Oahu) and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

    A friend had suggested I go to Island Sound at one point but I'm not sure if they're still in business, or still do a good job.

    Also, I'm debating about using the InstallCard network (prepaid installation that you can also order through Crutchfield). The only thing is, you have no clue who the installer is until after you purchase the card, even though the installer is supposed to be certified.

    In the worst case scenario I could do the install myself, but I'd prefer a cleaner look with an installation with some kind of warranty/protection if things get screwed up.

    Mahalo in advance for any help!