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The college iPhone & Macbook

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    Re: The college iPhone & Macbook

    Originally posted by Honoruru View Post
    The Mac version would be NeoOffice, which I have, and it opens "docx" fine. Maybe you have to download some fixes? It should work, so keep trying.
    Originally posted by craigwatanabe View Post
    Just download for Mac. The latest version is still free and will open and create .docx formats. I got it loaded on my iBook G4 that I got for $5 at the Salvation Army...what a score!
    Excellent, thanks guys, our kid might have pulled down the wrong version.

    I pointed her to the website and got out of her way. I was more than willing to believe that Mac versions were laggng Microsoft's bleeding-edge beta-testing.

    We'll go take another look at it. Beats the heck out of using Bootcamp or Parallels to turn a Mac into a gold-plated PC.
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