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Outdoor webcam setup

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  • Mattias
    Re: Outdoor webcam setup

    I decided to go the cheap but hard route. I'm going to place an otherwise dormant laptop next to the webcam and connect to my wireless router. I'll post more info when I'm finished and have pictures of the project. It sure will be exciting.

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  • Mattias
    started a topic Outdoor webcam setup

    Outdoor webcam setup

    I have quite a nice view of Kaneohe and would like to share it online (on my personal website) 24/7.

    I'm looking for the best kind of setup. There seems to be so many options.

    The position will be on our covered deck, which has a power outlet. Power is not a problem.....internet access is. It's about 60ft to the closest computer.

    Should I get a wireless webcam or pull RCA cables to a computer?

    How about building a weather proof enclosure?

    Any suggestions?