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Eye-fi wireless SD cards

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  • Eye-fi wireless SD cards look's pretty cool.
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    Re: Who's doing the

    I know a couple of people with Eye-Fi cards, one of whom couples it with an EVDO modem and a Cradlepoint mobile router so that the photographs he's taking go up to the web, even as he's walking down the street in Chinatown. It's a neat gadget, and one of those things you couldn't possibly imagine being possible ten years ago.

    I think the Eye-Fi makes the most sense for people who are trying to document a whole scene or event, and may or may not go back to those images later to find the gems. Rather than worrying about downloading and archiving, your pictures are published right away. For a massive block party, or a newsworthy riot, I can definitely see the appeal. But it may be too much for those that post-process and only publish "worthy" images.

    One of my Eye-Fi friend uploads all his photos, but has them set all to private. He later goes and publishes the ones he likes. I think this somewhat defeats the purpose, but he's definitely saving the step and time of uploading. They're already online, and he only needs to "turn on" the ones he wants to share.


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      Re: Eye-fi wireless SD cards

      Looking at the web site, they sell 7 different SD cards ranging in price from $49.99 to $149.99. Not all cards have the same features, the cheapest called "Home" holds only 2Gbytes of photos and can store photos on your computer. The product called "Share" that sells for $59.99, holds 2Gbytes of photos also allows you to post those photos to one of 25 different web sites (like Flickr).

      While the product looks interesting, I don't think I can use it under current conditions (my home wireless is turned off).