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    Re: Facebook games

    I pretty much treat my FB like TS does. Stopped playing the games a while ago, but I do use the occasional new questionnaire. And I like to send gifts.

    I haven't used the Bejeweled Blitz game; gotta go on FB to check that out. My addictions are usually pretty shortlived.

    BTW, welcome to missjaqi!


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      Re: Facebook games

      Originally posted by anapuni808 View Post
      I didn't know that posting status updates allowed my mafia members to get goodies - maybe I'll start doing it. at least until some complains.
      Yeah, in Mafia Wars every status update for leveling up gives your members a chance to get a "special bonus" that is usually a small boost in attack or defense abilities. However, almost everyone gets those bonuses, I assume, so it's good to have some to level the playing field The achievement posts give larger bonuses of cash and loot and sometimes experience points.

      Welcome missjaqui

      cyleet99: Noooo, stay away from the <s>crack</s> bejeweled! It's evil!


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        Re: Facebook games

        i have several FB friends who are TOTALLY addicted to Bejeweled. Stay away, far away.......................
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          Re: Facebook games

          Originally posted by Albert View Post
          One thing FB really needs in their games is a button which says accept all gifts and invitations. I get so many of them.
          Well Albert -- thanks to my FB addiction, I know that someone else made one! And you can get it here:

          Thanks everyone for the welcome!
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