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Download software into camera?

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  • Download software into camera?

    Hi, Mr. Greenerthangrass Makeass here.

    Trying to get this new Kodak C182 up and running.
    Step 1) download software to camera from

    But no info on how/where I 1st connect camera to laptop for the transfer.
    Got the cable w/USB(?) on one end and the other end has the plug for the camera.
    Do I simply plug in the USB end to a USB port, and the other into the camera?
    Then start the dload process from the site?
    Batteries don't even need to be in?
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    Re: Download software into camera?

    This begs the question as to how or why did you get to this step in the first place?

    To be honest with you I never owned a Kodak digital camera before so I have no idea why software needs to be loaded to a camera.


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      Re: Download software into camera?

      Never heard of it either, but here we are in the digital age of confusion.
      I can live with it, once I get past it!
      The instructions start off with - dload the software, step 2 - put batteries in camera, step 3 - turn on camera, set time etc, step 5 - take a picture...

      Do I actually need to dload the software? What negative consequences or missed bennies will I encounter?


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        Re: Download software into camera?

        Does step 1 actually say download software to camera? Or does it say download camera picture sharing software to computer? Or download camera driver software to computer?

        Kind of related question does the Kodak C182 use some kind of memory card such that you can remove it and transfer pictures between the memory card and your computer? If so what kind of memory card does the Kodak C182 takes?

        And can your laptop deal with that kind of memory card or do you have a memory card reader that you can use?


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          Re: Download software into camera?

          hi ron,

          a manufacturer will typically make two types of downloads available to the end user/consumer.

          the first is software and the second is firmware.

          software will allow you to use the hardware and firmware is used to correct or add features to the hardware.

          the link you provided brought me to the kodak easyshare software download page.

          i didn't download the software, i use a mac and am very happy with iphoto . if you use a windows computer... windows will download the pictures and has a viewer.

          the easyshare software will allow you to organize, edit and upload your pics to kodaks online photo album site.

          kodak defines what firmware is on their site but does not provide any for your camera.

          so, if you don't like either apple's or microsoft software for handling pictures - downloading from your camera, editing and printing... you can download kodak's.

          i hope i didn't add to the confusion!!!



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            Re: Download software into camera?

            I think I'd plug the USB cable into a port on the PC and the camera end into the camera, press download and see what happens. I've read the "software, firmware" section of the user guide and that seems to be the implication. How else could firmware get to an individual camera except via a PC USB connection, anyway?


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              Re: Download software into camera?

              I have a different Kodak Easyshare model, C813, and I've seen nothing about downloading new firmware for it. Although this thread is a little confusing, my interpretation is that Ron has mistakenly interpreted instructions for downloading utility software to a computer for controlling the camera as being instructions for downloading firmware to the camera itself. My Kodak camera, at any rate, connects to my computer via usb for uploading pictures from camera to computer, not firmware from computer to camera (so far as I know).


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                Re: Download software into camera?

                Looks like it was as Greg and helen stated. No need to dload anything onto the cam, it doesn't.
                Went around town and did some shots yesterday, seemed to work OK. Thanx for the help.