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Recommend a laptop for my wife?

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    Re: Recommend a laptop for my wife?

    Matapule: yeah I know - I also talked to them about opening a store here, to sell computers or anything else. I even begged them, pleaded with them, even said I would sell them my daughter (well, not really but you get the point) - but they just said NO!
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      Re: Recommend a laptop for my wife?

      Well I'll be in LA on Friday. My brother said he lives 2-blocks away from a Frys so I'll be in Heaven in a couple of days

      Now here's an interesting nugget: I'm doing my typical rummaging at the local thrift stores and I come across a really dirty white notebook with power cord. It has a $5.00 price tag on it and I figure what the heck it's good for parts if anything else.

      I add it to the rest of my junk I'm buying and leave. What to my surprise when I take it out! A Mac G4 iBook. I power it up and am impressed the battery was holding a charge. The screen is locked so I call "Mac Made Easy" here in Hilo and they tell me the message I got means either a bad hard drive or memory. I figure that's why the owner donated this to the thrift store. But I'm figuring that if this message popped up, it got thru it's BIOS thus detecting the hard drive and memory as being intact.

      The error message looked suspiciously as an OS message that wasn't loading. So I do the PC laptop hard reset procedure used on most PC laptops and viola! It boots up thru the OS! Aha this is running OSX Panther, 1.2Ghz processor and about 900Mb of RAM.

      I reconfigure the account settings and now I have a fully functioning Mac iBook G4 with built in wifi. Some cleaning and all the dirt melts away and reveals it's gleaming white surfaces.

      Pretty cool! And it only cost me $5.00
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        Re: Recommend a laptop for my wife?

        damn! what an awesome deal!
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          Yeah, but it's a MAC...

          It was waiting for you, Craig!