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Cordless phones & ac adapters

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    Re: Cordless phones & ac adapters

    The filter is to be used between each phone and the phone jack, not the modem to the phone jack. That's why you typically get more than one.

    As for the adapters, Helen is right on the mark. Although voltage is important, the single most important issue is the polarity of the pin configuration of the plug. Pin Positive or Pin Negative, first and foremost. Then Voltage and finally Amperage.
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      Re: Cordless phones & ac adapters

      yes Craig = you are correct. However, since I don't have a landline phone and only had a modem & fax machine at the time - the filter was used for those.
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        Re: Cordless phones & ac adapters

        Originally posted by tutusue View Post
        Do I understand correctly that you purchased a set of 4 phones with batteries for $39.?.
        That's what I did. I bought a 4 handset cordless phone on WOOT. Since I only need one handset, the other 3 batteries are held in reserve and I cycle them in and out periodically to keep all 4 batteries fresh.

        Works for me!
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