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    Re: iPod touch

    The iPod Touch is a nice device that can use most of the iPhone apps (hint, hint) but I wouldn't get it for the camera features. I tried taking some pics with mine and was very disappointed.

    Btw, it will be interesting to see what Apple does to the iPod Touch pricing when Amazon and Google mini-tablets are at the same price points.


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      Re: iPod touch

      I am rethinking of getting an iPod touch not for the camera feature (but I could use it as such from time to time) but rather as a portable music listen device to replace my 11 year old iPod nano which while it still works the battery doesn't hold up a charge for very long. The last time I used the Nano was this week. I charged it on Sunday night, used it for a couple of hours on Monday and now today (Friday) the unit needs to be charged up again.

      I am kind of disappointed that Apple no longer offers the Nano (1st choice) or the Shuffle (2nd choice) any more but then again the 32GB Touch is at $199 as opposed to being $299 eight years ago.


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        Re: iPod touch

        I have soured on all Apple iOS products since I last posted to this topic.

        Main reason... built in battery and no easy way to replace them.

        The iPod Touch that I loved so much died last year because the battery just fizzled out, won't hold a charge even if the darn thing is plugged in. Functionally up to that time, everything worked... camera, music, videos, all the other apps...and then kaput.

        Yes, as the battery slowly died I lost portability with the thing for the last 2 years prior. I kept it plugged into my Insignia powered speakers... which meant that the thing could stream music or play iTunes from the music I loaded into the device..

        Still the battery will generally go downhill and die quickly once it cannot hold a charge for over 10 minutes.

        Happened to my iPod 40 GB player, iPod Mini, iPod Nano and two original iPod Shuffles... all batteries cannot hold a charge for even more than 5 minutes... The devices work well, but the batteries can't be replaced. It totally truly sucks.

        I have vowed not to buy an Apple device or any other device with built in batteries that users cannot easily replace.

        That said, I am using a couple of old Android phones that do have removable batteries as my music players since they allow me to load music in a removable SD card.... plus they have apps that can stream while the thing is connected to my WiFi network.

        So if you are looking for a cheap music player Android is an option as there may be used ones out there.... though like Apple many Android devices now have those dreadful built in batteries.

        I do have one iPod Classic, 128GB I think that still works nicely and the battery holds a charge for a long time. Bought that in 2014. So that is where the bulk of my MP3 music is stored other than my Mac or on Google Play music.

        But overall I am soured on built in batteries. Planned obsolescence stinks.

        We spend a lot of money on these devices, they ought to last a long time!
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